Why 5% of Dieters Succeed


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The food industry has caused the obesity epidemic by targeting our evolutionary preference for things sweet, savoury and fatty with ‘intense’ foods that hit all the right buttons.  They simply want to sell more, but to compete with each other they must continually make food nicer, cheaper and more available. 

This explains why we put on weight, but it doesn’t tell us how to solve the problem.  We try to diet, often by starving ourselves, but we find that makes the problem worse...

The failure of calorie counting has (slowly) become accepted among doctors. It has been shown that human bodies react to restricted calories by reducing their calorie needs.  You start a diet burning 2000 calories a day, and end the diet burning only 1500.  Once the diet is over, you put the weight back on while eating not very much.

So if food is designed to make you fat, and dieting only makes things worse, what CAN you do to get slim and stay that way?

Xtensity™ is a remarkable new diet book that tells a real-life story about a girl called Jane and her friend Faith.  Reading the book will help you slim down as you share the joys and heartaches of the two friends who finally triumph after figuring out a diet that really does work.

On this website you can find out more about Xtensity, you can read extracts from the book, and you can order a copy for yourself.

Have fun, and good luck!


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