Why 5% of Dieters Succeed


In my years in advertising, I worked for major food manufacturers including McDonald’s, Mars, Cadbury and Quaker.  My work days were spent increasing the sales of fast food, chocolate and breakfast cereals, and developing irresistible new varieties. The rest of my time I spent trying to minimise the amount I ate myself.  At some stage (it took a while) I made the connection and saw that it was largely because of the intensification of our diet that most of us, most of the time, can no longer control the amount we eat.  Once I understood this, and how dieting, the obvious solution, is actually counterproductive (the weird law of reversed consequences) I developed a set of three rules that allowed me to get back in touch with my genuine hunger, and become naturally thin.  This natural slimness has been normal for me for 20 years now, but I still experience it as a joy and liberation.

I have written this book as a novel rather than theory.  If advertising has taught me anything, it is that if you want to communicate you must make it fun.

I do hope you enjoy reading Xtensity, and please do send me your Xperiences, by going to the ‘share’ page of this website.

All the best,

Judy Corstjens


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